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Not happy with your website earnings? Are you looking for an AdSense alternative or tool to boost income?
You wouldn’t be the first. AdSense, though famous, leaves too much money on the table for its publishers. The lack of control and limitations make it difficult for any blogger — in any industry — to scale their income.
Newor Media is a popular solution that can take over AdSense’s role altogether or work alongside them. Either way, publishers earn more.

Newor Media is a full-service ad management platform that utilizes AI and header bidding to maximize publishers’ earnings.
Header bidding is the programmatic technique of auctioning off ad units to various networks in real-time simultaneously.
As a result, the platform can effectively drive demand and rates by expanding the number of networks competing over ad space. Additionally, it’s a full-service solution.
So, publishers are given solutions and techniques to optimize their ads, website, and earnings. They are a popular AdSense alternative and could be what your site needs to increase profits.

It’s no secret that the market is oversaturated with new platforms and networks springing up every day. Unfortunately, many of these networks are fraudulent, sketchy, and disappear when it’s time to payout. So it’s critical for publishers to know they’re working with a credible and real partner.
Newor Media is a Google-certified, award-winning ad management platform. It has over 250 million unique monthly visitors and 1.5 billion monthly ad impressions across multiple industries.
It’s credible, high-quality, and quickly rising in popularity.

Extensive ad types:
Publishers have access to a variety of ad types and sizes. Ads are fully optimized across mobile and desktop. The platform supports:
Newor Media offers all IAB Standard Display Ad Sizes:
Ad layout optimization:
The platform utilizes machine learning and manual fine-tuning to offer publishers ad layout optimization. Unlike other brands that use AI to provide standard recommendations, they personalize layout based on audience behavior. As a result, publishers get higher viewability and interaction.
Improved website performance:
Google’s core web vitals are critical for SEO efforts and general website quality assessment. Unfortunately, ads are notorious for hindering elements related to your core web vitals, such as page load speed, content layout shift, and even user experience!
Newor Media uses prosperity tech to keep speed and user experience balanced. Additionally, their six ad maximum ensures websites don’t appear as spammy or low quality.
Management and solutions:
Publishers get various ad solutions and techniques to optimize their ads and monetization efforts. These include:

As we mentioned earlier, publishers have no shortage of networks and platforms to join. There are several direct competitors offering similar services and solutions — this is how they compare.

Google AdSense is the go-to tool for beginners as it offers a very straightforward experience. New bloggers can set aside ad space and trust AdSense to do the rest. Unfortunately, there are not many pros past this.
AdSense works on an ad rank system, prioritizing certain bids over others. As a result, publishers don’t always receive the highest bid. On the other hand, Newor Media is demand-agnostic, so publishers are awarded the highest bid.
Additionally, AdSense draws demand from one pool of advertisers — their inability to support header bidding means publishers have little competition for their units.
Newor Media draws from multiple demand pools, leading to increased competition (and rates). Furthermore, AdSense lacks any solutions or ad optimization features to scale earnings.
So, publishers will have to do all the heavy lifting to increase their profits. With Newor Media, publishers are given a variety of solutions and ad assistance that lead to optimization.
Verdict: Alone, AdSense can’t deliver high-performing ads or maximize revenue. Newor Media creates a well-rounded ad experience that increases profits — with little effort from publishers. In addition, since Newor Media is non-exclusive, you can use both simultaneously.

Ezoic is another common AdSense alternative that uses AI and header bidding to scale website earnings. Similarly, both provide full-service ad management and offer revenue-generating solutions.
So, where do they differ?
Newor Media only accepts websites that are mainly in English with predominately US-based traffic. On the other hand, Ezoic takes non-English websites and websites where traffic isn’t predominately in the US.
Although both boast good website speed, Ezoic is commonly known for slow-page load time due to their ads. Additionally, Newor Media is free to use and non-exclusive, whereas Ezoic charges a service fee and requires an exclusive contract.
Verdict: Ezoic and Newor Media provide header bidding and ad optimization solutions. Publishers with mostly US traffic and an English website will benefit from faster page speed and more demand partners working with Newor Media. Publishers who fall out of these parameters should turn to Ezoic.

AdThrive is one of the best ad networks to monetize a website with. They work in the vertical and create high payouts and collaborative monetization strategies for lifestyle bloggers. On the other hand, Newor Media works with various advertisers in various niches (finance, …).
Both offer ad layout optimization, revenue-generating solutions, and header bidding. As a result, the most significant difference comes from their partnerships and requirements.
AdThrive requires a steep 100,000 monthly pageviews to join — which is a challenge for small to medium publishers. Additionally, AdThrive only works in the lifestyle sector.
Verdict: Large websites active in the lifestyle niche will benefit from highly relevant and quality ads by working with AdThrive. Small to medium publishers or publishers outside the lifestyle niche would earn more with Newor Media.

To get started with Newor Media, publishers must meet specific requirements. Requirements include:

Is Newor Media free to use?
Yes, Newor Media is free to use — no service fees or additional charges for ad management solutions.
How is customer support?
Newor Media receives raving reviews for their customer service. In addition to offering live chat support, each publisher gets a dedicated account representative. As a result, their response time is fast, and reps offer check-ins and continuous support.
What does payment look like?
They operate on a NET30 basis and pay via PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfer. They have a clean payment history — no records of missed or held payments.
Additionally, they offer guaranteed payments which are relatively unique for an ad platform. So, publishers receive what they’re owed despite network clawbacks.

Although selling ads has never been easier, scaling earnings is quite challenging. While publishers can take on the heavy lifting to optimize and improve their inventory and website, reputable partners are willing to do the work.
Newor Media is an excellent ad platform for small to medium publishers looking to grow. Additionally, they offer a free earnings calculator on the Newor Media website to gauge what your website could earn with them.
This post is sponsored by Newor Media — connect with them today to supercharge your earnings.
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, made possible in association with Newor Media. PiunikaWeb doesn’t take any responsibility for the product being advertised here as well as how these products are used.
About Newor Media: The company has partnerships with all major networks and SSPs and offers publishers a way to increase their revenue through banner ads. Newor Media garners over 1.5 billion monthly ad impressions.
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