Fintan O'Toole: There is unease about openly saying Facebook a potent enemy of democracy - The Irish Times

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Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg: The “free world” has unleashed its own threats to democratic freedoms and has given control of the technologies that amplify those threats to morally illiterate frat boys. Photograph: Josh Edelson
One of the reasons live broadcasting remains so important is that it is the only medium in which you can hear subjects being evaded in real time. I had that experience last Friday, listening to an interview on the BBC World Service with the great Philippines journalist Maria Ressa who had just been announced as the joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Ressa and her colleagues at her news organisation, Rappler, most of them young women, embody the true values of journalism. They have continued, at great personal risk and cost, to expose and hold to account the murderous regime of Rodrigo Duterte.
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